Somalia cuts diplomatic ties with Guinea

Somalia has officially cut diplomatic ties with Guinea. The decision was announced in Mogadishu today after a cabinet meeting.

The move comes after the leader of Somaliland – the semi-autonomous region of Somalia flew to Conakry earlier this week on an official invitation from the president of Guinea, Alpha Conde.

Somaliland continues to increase its bid for international recognition.
Somalia Foreign Minister Ahmed Isse Awad whiles announcing the decision, cautioned other countries against violating the sovereignty and unity of Somalia.

Formerly a British protectorate, Somaliland merged with former Italian Somaliland in 1960 to create Somalia. But it seceded and declared itself independent in 1991 as Somalia plunged into chaos after the fall of the Siad Barre regime.

Somaliland has been pushing for independence ever since. It has its own government based in the self-appointed capital of Hargeisa, its own army and prints its own currency.

Somalia has recently suspended diplomatic relations with neighboring Kenya over their territorial waters in the Indian Ocean.

Kenya accused Somalia of auctioning off oil and gas blocks in Kenya’s maritime territorial area that borders Somalia, an allegation dismissed by the Somali government, which accused Kenya of carrying out a land grab.

The feuding neighbors have taken that spat to The Hague, where the UN’s highest court is expected in September to start hearing both sides in the border disagreement.

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