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Mali: French troops kill at least 10 jihadists near Algeria

At least 10 suspected jihadists have been killed in a raid conducted by French air force on Wednesday in northeast Mali near the border with Algeria, Le360 Afrique portal reported. The offensive was part of France’s Operation Barkhane, near Tinzaouaten at the Algerian border, military sources were quoted as saying. The raid lasted for about […]

Tunisia: Senior wanted al-Qaeda member killed in ambush

Tunisian Security forces have killed Bilel Kobi, a senior figure of al Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), in an ambush laid in a mountainous region known as a rear base for terrorists. The ministry of interior announced Saturday special forces hunted down a local AQIM cell in Tunisia using Mount Sammama area of central-western Tunisia […]

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Guinea’s Alpha Condé recalls ambassador to Algiers

President Alpha Condé of Guinea and Chairperson of the African Union has recalled his ambassador to Algeria because of the inhumane and condescending treatments faced by Guineans in the North African nation. Algerian authorities have been rounding up sub-Saharan Africans in and around Algiers and have deported more than 3,000 to Niger since August last […]

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Algeria Bans Imports of 900 Products to Curb Spending

Algeria continues to implement time buying measures to compensate for falling oil revenues. The country has banned imports of a list of nearly 900 products including mobile phones and household appliances as its foreign currency reserves are expected to further fall to $85 billion in 2018, down from $194 billion in 2013. The ban was […]

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Algeria: Amnesty International Denounces Ruthless Crackdown on Doctors

Amnesty International has condemned the use of excessive force by the Algerian authorities to disperse a sit-in organised by resident medical practitioners in Algiers to protest poor working conditions. Footage and photos posted on social media show the faces of Algerian junior doctors covered with blood due to violent quelling of protesters at CHU Mustapha […]

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Algeria’s coastguard intercepts 286 migrants en route to Europe

Algeria’s Defense Ministry on Sunday said coastguard has picked up 286 would-be illegal migrants heading across the Mediterranean to Europe by boat. According to a ministry statement released by the state-run news agency, APS, the migrants were detained on several boats between Thursday and Saturday. The number of illegal migrants detained in the North African […]

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Algeria: Five students sentenced to jail for beating lecturers

Five students at Algiers 3 University have been handed jail terms ranging from 12 months to 18 months for physically assaulting lecturers in an incident early this year. A court in the city of Bir Mourad Rais pressed the terms against the students who were accused of aggressing lecturers from the school of Political Science […]

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Algeria: racism towards sub-Saharans erected as a state policy

In Algeria, racism and crackdown against migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa are becoming a state policy as Algerian officials continue to crack down on migrants, mainly from Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso. Authorities in the Algerian capital have been carrying out mass arrests and deportation of sub-Saharan nationals since December last year. Human Rights Watch earlier […]

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Niger reacts officially to Algeria’s massive deportation of sub-Saharans

The Nigerien government last weekend reacted to the massive deportation of its nationals by Algeria, in violation of the agreements between the two countries and of international conventions. Algerian authorities have deported about 950 sub-Saharan Africa migrants to Niger last week, according to officials and human rights groups. The North African nation has expelled 2,800 […]

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Algeria’s Undiplomatic Diplomacy Shows Regime’s Frailty

The persistence of the hatred of the Algerian rulers for neighboring Morocco remains an intriguing puzzle for many international political analysts. Nobody knows for sure whether such a deep animosity is due to rivalry between two major North African countries or something else. “Why they hate us”, wonder Moroccans who were appalled and shocked by […]

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