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Ugandan general arrested over police spokesman’s killing

Former Ugandan police chief, General Kale Kayihura has been arrested for questioning, the military spokesperson has confirmed. General Kale Kayihura was taken into custody on Wednesday morning the military said. According to army spokesman Brig Richard Karemire, General Kayihura, still a serving soldier of Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces was asked to report to the military […]

ICC orders release of Congo “warlord” Jean-Pierre Bemba

Judges at the International Criminal Court (ICC) ordered the release of former DRC vice-president, who was acquitted last week of war crimes. The Hague-based court has ordered the interim release, “under specific conditions”. He will be released as soon as the court’s Registry makes the necessary arrangements. Upon release, Bemba is expected to leave the […]

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DRC: 49 dead following shipwreck in the Northwest

At least 49 people are feared drowned while about the same number survived after an overcrowded whaleboat sank in the River Congo, a local official told a Congolese radio station. According to Richard Mboyo Iluka, vice governor of Tshuapa Province, in northern Congo, the whaleboat had sunk late on Wednesday. The number of victims can […]

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Ebola outbreak confirmed in DRC

Ebola outbreak has killed at least 17 people in northwestern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the war-stricken nations’ ministry of health said in a statement. According to the ministry of health, two cases of the virus have been confirmed by laboratory tests after 21 patients displayed signs of hemorrhagic fever in Ikoko Impenge, near the […]

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Swahili becomes first native African language to get Twitter recognition

Social media platform Twitter has officially recognized the use of Swahili as a language on the platform. It became the first African language to achieve that accomplishment. The social media now approves Swahili words and offers translation. It started detection of the language in tweets and subsequently offers a close to perfect translation as with […]

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DRC: UN Investigators discover 5 probable mass graves

The United Nations investigators have discovered five probable mass graves in eastern Congo’s Ituri Province, a UN peacekeeping mission said in a statement. More than 100 people have been killed by violence in the province since mid-December. Tens of thousands of people have fled clashes in the region over recent weeks, traveling by boat to […]

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DRC: Botswana’s new leader urges Kabila not to run for election again

Botswana’s new leader has urged DRC President Joseph Kabila not to stand for re-election in the presidential poll expected this year. The election – now scheduled for Dec. 23 – has been repeatedly delayed. In February, the government of Botswana issued a statement openly blaming the president for Democratic Republic of Congo’s deteriorating humanitarian and […]

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DRC says no to “foreign interference” in elections

The Democratic Republic of Congo on Monday said it would refuse international financing of the presidential election to avoid “foreign interference.” The move comes after one of the main contenders for the presidency said the mineral-rich country needs hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign support to pull off its first peaceful transition of power […]

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DRC’s self-exiled opposition leader to return home in June

Exiled Congolese opposition leader Moise Katumbi on Monday said he will return to the Democratic Republic of Congo by June to lodge his candidacy for a presidential election in the mineral-rich nation. Moise Katumbi, a former governor of the diamond-rich Katanga region, was charged in 2016 with hiring mercenaries as part of an alleged plot […]

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DR Congo: Flaring tensions could ‘plunge Kasai region into new violence,’ UN warns

The United Nations refugee agency warned Tuesday that ongoing instability in the Kasai region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) poses a grave risk to civilian safety, including for several hundred refugees recently returned there from Angola. Congolese Government forces have regained control of large areas of the Kasai, but there is sporadic […]

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