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Tanzanian police detained 20 over homosexual practices

Authorities in Tanzania have arrested 20 people accused of homosexuality in the East African nation’s semiautonomous region of Zanzibar. Twelve women and eight men were arrested in a hotel where they were receiving training on HIV/AIDS education programs, local media reports. “We rounded them up because we suspect that they were engaged in homosexuality in […]

American anti-slavery activists denied entry to Mauritania

The Mauritanian government has denied a group of American anti-slavery activists entry to the country, claiming their planned activities are contrary to Mauritanian laws. “We informed the American embassy that transmitted the program of the delegation, that the delegation will not be granted entry visa because of its program that we deem against Mauritanian laws,” […]

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Violent storm kills scores in Mauritania

About fifteen people were killed and more than 40 wounded by a violent storm that hit the vicinity of Boghe village, about 320 km from Mauritania’s capital Nouakchott. According to local media, administrative authorities rushed to the scene, while the medical personnel in the region were mobilized to rescue the wounded. Fourteen seriously wounded people […]

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Mauritania: Police experts of the G5 Sahel countries boost cooperation

About 32 senior executives of the Sahel multinational military force known as “G5 Sahel” last week, met in Mauritania’s Capital Nouakchott to strengthen police cooperation in the terrorism-stricken region. Leaders of Mali, Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Niger and Chad, earlier last month, established the G5 Sahel force to operate in coordination with French troops and MINUSMA, […]

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Mauritania: Critic of President to be indicted for corruption

Former senate member Mohamed Ould Ghada, who is one of the harsh critics of President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, will be sued for corruption, the office of Public Prosecutor announced Friday few days after the arrest of the opposition figure. Ghada was arrested in his house last week by men in plain clothes after being […]

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Mauritania votes ‘YES’ to abolish senate

Mauritanians voted in a referendum for abolishing the Senate and changing the national flag of the West African nation, the electoral commission said. On a turnout of 53.73 percent of the 1.4 million Mauritanians eligible to vote, 85 percent voted ‘yes’ to abolition of the senate and changes to the country’s flag. The new Mauritanian […]

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UN Security Council Okays deployment of G-5 Joint Force in the Sahel

The United Nations Security Council, on Wednesday, unanimously approved a resolution welcoming the deployment of a 5,000-strong force from five African countries to restore peace and security and fight extremists in the vast Sahel region. The resolution, drafted by France, welcomes the deployment but does not grant full UN authorization to the force due to […]

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Western Sahara: UNSC draft resolution positive for Morocco

The United Nations Security Council on Thursday examined a new resolution aimed at ending the decades-long, multi-pronged dispute over the ultimate status of Western Sahara. The final version of the resolution submitted by the Group of Friends of Western Sahara, [United States, France, the United Kingdom, Russia and Spain], aims at reaching a “mutually acceptable […]

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Mauritania: ‘French tourists can visit Mauritania but must be on guard’ Ayrault

French foreign minister Jean-Marc Ayrault Friday in Nouakchott indicated that French tourists can visit the North African country but must be clever as he commended security improvement undertaken by local authorities. “The entire coast (of Mauritania) is classified yellow (renewed vigilance). Other zones were classified red (formally not advised) or orange zones (not advised but […]

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Mauritanian parliament votes to change national flag

Mauritanian lawmakers on Tuesday voted to change the national flag component by adding stripes to it to ‘better represent those who battled for the country’s independence from France. The ruling party, Union pour la République (UPR), last year proposed to amend the national flag by adding thin red stripes at the top and bottom. According […]

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