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Malawi raises legal marriage age to 18

Malawi’s President Peter Mutharika has officially banned child marriage this week after a two-year parliamentary process and subsequent approval in February. The constitutional amendment signed by the president raises the legal marriage age to 18.  The offense is now punishable by five years’ imprisonment and a fine of about $143. However, rights campaigners say it […]

Nigeria: Meningitis Deaths reach 745

An outbreak of Meningitis in Nigeria has killed 745 people as of Wednesday, the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control said, as Africa’s most populous nation attempts to tackle the surge in infections. A Meningitis epidemic two year ago killed 1,100 people and infected more than 10,000 in the country and neighbouring Niger. “We need all […]

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Morocco to Become Member of ECOWAS, Another Major Regional Bloc

In a bid to boost further regional African integration and South-South cooperation, Morocco seeks the membership of the Economic Community of Western African Countries (ECOWAS), one of the major regional blocs in the continent. Morocco has informed President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, chairperson of ECOWAS, of its desire to join this regional grouping through […]

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Niger: Jihadists kill 15 in patrol ambush

Jihadists have ambushed a Niger’s army patrol on Thursday, killing 15 soldiers and wounding 19, the West African nation’s Defense Ministry said. The attack occurred in North of Tilwa, an area near the border with Mali where violent Islamists have been seeking to expand their reach. “A search operation is underway to neutralize the terrorists,” […]

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ECOWAS, a Bullwark against Dictatorships in West Africa

The (ECOWAS) has grown steadily to acquire a political and military dimension besides its role in bolstering economic integration in the region. The recent intervention of the African sub-regional grouping to pressure the long-ruling Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh to step down in recognition of his electoral defeat is but another shining example of the growing […]

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Morocco Extends Emergency Assistance to Sub-Saharans Expelled from Algeria

Morocco has extended emergency humanitarian assistance to the Sub-Saharan migrants who were deported by Algeria over the past few days and who are currently stranded in a center in the North of Niger. The aid was sent upon directives from King Mohammed VI to come to the rescue of these migrants who are in a […]

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Libya: Over 200 Corpses of Terrorists Found in Rubble in Sirte

Libyan forces combatting under the Government of National Accord’s banner have discovered over 200 corpses of Islamic State group (IS) militants as forces clear the coastal city of remaining resistance after flashing out the militants. The Bunyan al-Marsous operation room Monday announced it took control of Muammar Gaddafi’s hometown 8 months after launching the takeover […]

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Africa Action Summit, a Milestone in Addressing Climate Change

The Africa Action Summit was held on November 16 in Marrakech with the participation of several African Heads of state and government and was wrapped the same day with a final statement laying out a forward-looking vision for a common African action to tackle climate change. The summit, held at the initiative of King Mohammed […]

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Mali: US Issues Travel Alert for its Citizens

The United States’ embassy in Mali on Monday issued travel warning and travel alert to its citizens to be careful of their movements in the West African nation. The move comes after Jeffery Woodke, a U.S. aid worker who has lived and worked in northern Niger for up to two decades, has been kidnapped by […]

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Migration Tops Agenda of Idriss Deby’s Visit in Germany

Chad president Idriss Deby on Wednesday urged the European Union to seek a deal with countries across Africa’s desert Sahel region if it wants to curb the influx of migrants. “We can only resolve the issue if we involve the G5 frontline states –Chad, Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Mali and Niger– not through country by country […]

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