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Sub-Saharan Africa to record slow growth – WB’s Africa Pulse report

Sub-Saharan Africa’s economy is growing more slowly this year than expected, the World Bank said on Wednesday. According to the Bretton Wood institution’s Africa Pulse report, the slow growth of the region is largely due to weak investment and productivity. The Bank said the downgrade to 2017 projections was due to various conditions, including the […]

Mugabe thanks South Africa for provident jobs to Zimbabweans

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe on Wednesday tanked the South African government for giving Zimbabwean nationals employment opportunities. Mugabe who was in official visit in South Africa, said many of Zimbabwe nationals in the country have found incomes through employment. Mugabe acknowledged that some Zimbabweans were in South Africa illegally, and others did bad things. President […]

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Africa has imported $ 65.8 billion food in 2016 – Report

The African continent spent about $ 65.8 billion on food imports in 2016, a report released by Trade Law Center for Southern Africa (TRALAC) said. According to the report, trade data over the review period 2012-2016 reveal that on average Africa’s food trade deficit was around US$30 billion annually. It noted that from a high […]

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South African trade unions to stage mass demonstrations

The Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU), one of the biggest support of the ruling African National Congress (ANC) has called its members and other union to march on Wednesday against corruption under President Jacob Zuma’s presidency. COSATU has called on its members to strike and join marches in major cities across the Africa’s […]

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Impala Platinum may lay off 2,500 workers in South Africa

Impala Platinum (Implats), a leading producer of platinum, on Monday said about 2,500 jobs of its 31,000 work-force may be at risk at its Rustenburg mine in South Africa. According to officials of the world’s second-largest miner of the metal, the company is experiencing severe financial pressures with low metal prices and declining production. “The […]

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Zimbabwe, Opposition Leader Tsvangirai hospitalized

Zimbabwe’s opposition leader and candidate for the 2018 presidential election Morgan Tsvangirai has been urgently hospitalized in South Africa, his party said. “President Morgan Tsvangirai, who flew to South Africa for a routine medical procedure, is in a very stable condition contrary to morbid media reports that he is critical and is battling for his […]

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Stop ‘health tourism’ – SA’s Minister tells Mugabe, African leaders

South African Health minister, Aaron Motsoaledi, on Tuesday, criticized African leaders who seek medical treatment abroad. In a speech during a WHO-sponsored conference in Zimbabwe, Aaron Motsoaledi lamented that “we are the only continent, which has leaders who take care outside the continent and we must be ashamed of that”. African leaders “must promote our […]

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South Africa reports outbreak of H5N8 bird flu

South Africa reported an outbreak of highly pathogenic H5N8 bird flu on two ostrich farms in the Western Cape, the province’s agriculture department said on Tuesday. “Both farms were placed under quarantine immediately, and no birds are allowed to enter or leave the affected properties. There are around 1000 ostriches on both farms,” the department […]

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South Africa: President Zuma narrowly survives his 8th no-confidence vote

South Africa President Jacob Zuma on Tuesday narrowly survived a parliamentary vote of no confidence, as the motion has been defeated, with 177 votes supporting and 198 votes against it. The no-confidence motion was brought by the Democratic Alliance (DA), the largest opposition party, in response to a cabinet reshuffle in March, in which Zuma […]

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Rwanda: Diaspora casts votes in presidential poll

Rwandan expatriates have started casting ballots in presidential elections as polling stations in Kenya, Uganda, Djibouti and South Africa, opened on Thursday. More than 44,000 registered Diaspora are set to cast their vote. According to local media portal, the New Times, Rwandans back home will cast their votes in presidential polls on Friday, August 4. […]

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