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CAF grants $2.5m to Africa’s 2018 World Cup teams

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) will give $500,000 to each of the five African countries who will be representing the continent at the next year’s FIFA World Cup in Russia. The grants will help the teams in their preparations for the tournament, the continent’s football governing body said. The financial package will be used […]

Tunisia: Al Joumhouri party quits Youssef Chahed’s unity government

Tunisian Al Joumhouri party’s secretary-general, Issam Chebbi on Monday announced that his party was withdrawing its support for the national unity government. The party was among the nine political parties and three civil society organizations that have initiated, in July 2016, the Carthage document, which set out the priorities and the road map for the […]

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Tunisia: Terrorist arrested after knife attack near parliament

Two policemen Wednesday suffered a knife attack near Parliament in Tunis, close to Bardo Museum scene of first major attacks of Tunisia in 2015. The terrorist, 25, wounded one policeman in the neck with the other sustaining slight injuries. The interior minister did not name the attacker reportedly from Ettadamen; an underprivileged suburb area of […]

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Tunisia: Attijari Bank to sell client’s 27.550 shares over court decision

Country’s largest banking network Attijari Bank is to sell 27.550 shares belonging to a client who contracted a loan from the bank. The decision for the sale has been made by a court decision. Tunis stock market on Friday said the auction would take place October 17. The minimal rate for the share is $14.14 […]

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Tunisia: who was Slim Chaker, the Minister who died for children cancer?

Tunisia’s health minister Slim Chaker died on Sunday after a charity marathon to build a clinic for children with cancer, officials said on Monday. According to the officials in the ministry, Slim Chaker, 56, fell ill after running some 500 metres in the coastal town of Nabeul. He died of a heart attack later in […]

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Canadian Army to send counter-terrorism experts to Tunisia

The Canadian Army is considering sending five soldiers to Tunisia to provide counter-terrorism training for the North African nation’s army, Ottawa Citizen News portal reports. The move according to the spokesperson of the Department of National Defence, Daniel Le Bouthillier, is part of Canada’s Counter-Terrorism Capacity Building Program. In Bouthillier’s words, Canadian Armed Forces personnel […]

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Tunisia: Parliament approves new Chahed cabinet

Prime Minister Youssef Chahed who received Monday the parliament’s vote of confidence for his new cabinet vowed that his team will be at war against terrorism and corruption. The youngest Prime Minister ever known by the North African country told lawmakers that his new team will carry out a crusade against terrorism and corruption. “The […]

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About 1.45 million Algerians visited Tunisia in 2017

About 1.45 million Algerian tourists visited Tunisia since the beginning of the year; an increase estimated at 59.8% compared to last year, data from the Tunisian Tourism ministry show. According to local news portal webdo.tn, the number of Algerians passing through Tunisia last July was close to 312,000 visitors, an increase of 60.7% compared to […]

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Tunisia: Interim finance minister steps down

Interim finance minister Fadhel Abdelkefi Friday handed over his resignation from cabinet citing a conflict of interests case in which he has been indicted and handed a suspended prison sentence. The care-taking minister, who is also minister of development investment and international cooperation, took the position in April following the sacking of Lamia Zribi by […]

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Tunisia passes landmark law to end all violence against women

Lawmakers in Tunisia on Wednesday passed a bill to “end all violence against women” and provide help for victims, local media reports. “It’s a very moving moment and we are proud in Tunisia to have been able to gather around a historical project,” said women’s minister Naziha Laabidi. The new law, which is expected to […]

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