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Hafid El Fassy is the business Editor & Comumnist . A Financial Engineer from Paris-Jussieu & Dauphine Universities, he started in Project & Trade Finance in 1993 before being a Global Emerging Markets Speculative and ALM Trader .Since 2004, he has provided business development/financing advisory for Moroccan Real Estate, Banking, Trade and Tourism projects to top tier Institutions.

Covid-19: Morocco Extends State of Health Emergency until August 10

Moroccan authorities have decided to extend by one month the state of health emergency until August 10 to keep up the efforts deployed in the country against the coronavirus pandemic as the lockdown restrictions have been increasingly eased, while respecting safety guidelines. The ongoing public health emergency, which has been enforced in Morocco since March […]

UN: Morocco Calls for Realistic & Pragmatic Solution to Libyan Crisis

Morocco has called for a realistic and pragmatic solution to the Libyan crisis, which continues to get worse every day, go unresolved and rip through the country with the intensification of foreign interventions. “Let us be realistic and pragmatic in addressing the situation in Libya. The proliferation of initiatives has the opposite effect”, Morocco’s top […]

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Morocco: Operation Marhaba 2020 for expatriates cancelled

“Operation Marhaba 2020”, the summer transit operation of Moroccans living in Europe, organized annually to facilitate the crossing of expatriates between the host countries and their homeland, will not take place this year. The announcement was made Monday by Moroccan foreign minister at the Parliament. This annual transit operation will not take place because it […]

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COVID-19: Morocco steps up repatriation of its nationals stranded abroad

The Moroccan government is ramping up efforts to bring back hundreds of Moroccan citizens stranded overseas because of travel restrictions put in place due to the coronavirus pandemic. A growing number of charter flights are organized by the Moroccan flag-carrier Royal Air Maroc (RAM) enabling Moroccan travelers to get back to their homes safely. On […]

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Libya: Egypt’s threats of direct intervention in case GNA forces progress towards its borders

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sissi warned Saturday that any advance by the forces of the Libyan Government of National Unity (GNA), supported by Ankara, towards the strategic city of Sirte could lead to “direct” intervention from Cairo. With Ankara’s support, forces loyal to the UN-recognized GNA have scored important victories since early June, regaining control […]

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China rejects Polisario’s participation in Africa summit

China has reduced the Polisario to its real status that of a separatist militia lacking all the attributes of a state and hence ineligible to attend the anti-covid China-Africa summit. China’s steady stand in support of Morocco’s territorial integrity was another slap to South Africa which has lobbied in vain with Chinese officials to include […]

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King Mohammed VI of Morocco had successful heart surgery

King Mohammed VI of Morocco underwent another heart operation at the Rabat Palace Clinic, which was a complete success, according to information from his medical team. The King underwent the surgery on June 14 at the clinic of the Royal Palace in Rabat after he presented a recurrence of a heart rhythm disorder, atrial flutter, […]

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Royal decision to dispatch medical aid to African countries, a token of Morocco’s unwavering solidarity

Morocco, at the instructions of King Mohammed VI, has dispatched medical aid to 15 African countries to help them in their efforts to deal with the covid-19 pandemic. The initiative was hailed by the 15 beneficiary countries and by other diplomats and analysts as a token of Morocco’s unwavering solidarity with the continent, especially after […]

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Sahara: Morocco’s Autonomy Plan, the Only Solution to this Regional Conflict (Zambian Official)

The autonomy plan offered by Morocco for a lasting resolution to the Sahara issue is the only workable solution to this regional conflict, said Mrs. Grace Njapau, Zambia’s former Home Affairs Deputy minister. In an address made on the occasion of Africa’s World Day, Mrs. Njapau, who is a MP, said the Moroccan plan is […]

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Algeria recalls envoy to France in protest to two broadcasts on democratic revolution

Algeria Wednesday recalled its ambassador to France for consultations in reaction to the broadcast of two documentary films on the democratic revolution, also known as Hirak, on public TV channels that it deems attack on its people and institutions. The Algerian foreign ministry in a statement said the broadcast of the clips on France 5 […]

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