Zambia Discovers Advanced Chinese Cybercrime Network

In Zambia, a raid on a Chinese-operated firm suspected of conducting a complex online fraud operation led to the arrest of 77 individuals, including 22 from China. This action represents a significant stride in combating cybercrime, as announced by officials. The crackdown targeted Golden Top Support Services in Lusaka’s upscale Roma suburb, seizing equipment that could mask user locations and thousands of SIM cards.

This operation, led by the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) with assistance from police and immigration officials, followed extensive intelligence efforts responding to a spike in cybercrime within the country. DEC Director General Nason Banda highlighted that the firm had employed young Zambians, misleading them into believing they were working as call center agents, to partake in deceptive communications across various digital platforms.

Authorities discovered devices capable of routing calls to avoid detection, and facilitating fraudulent activities, and seized over 13,000 SIM cards, which translates the operation’s vast reach. The scam not only affected Zambians through sophisticated money-laundering schemes but also targeted individuals in countries worldwide, including Singapore, Peru, and the UAE.

In addition to the arrests, law enforcement agents confiscated firearms, ammunition, and vehicles linked to the operation. While the Zambian nationals involved have been charged and released on bail to assist with ongoing investigations, the foreign nationals, comprising 22 Chinese and one Cameroonian, remain in custody, highlighting the international scale of this cybercrime network.