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Army announces death of rebel Kerbino Wol in South Sudan

Only ten days after launching his rebel group, Kerbino Wol was killed. The former soldier who became entrepreneur and philanthropist had been imprisoned for twenty months. Released in January, he had decided early June to found a rebel group, the October 7 Movement. Defense spokesman said he was shot dead with three fighters “when he […]

Reconciliation dialogue started between Somalia and Somaliland in Djibouti

The presidents of Somalia and the former province of British Somalia that seceded in 1991, called Somaliland, met face to face for the first time on Sunday 14 June in Djibouti. Officially, it was a “consultation summit” intended, above all, to open negotiations on the conflictual relations between the two capitals. After being greeted on […]

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Moratorium on the debts of Congo, Ethiopia and Chad

The Paris Club, which brings together all the Western countries that hold the bulk of the debts of developing countries, announced this on Tuesday. In concrete terms, this means that Brazzaville, Addis Ababa and Ndjamena will not have to pay their debts this year. On the other hand, it is not a cancellation, so they […]

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Ethiopia: Tigray People’s Liberation Front continues to challenge Abiy Ahmed’s government

The problem of the expiry of the mandate of the deputies on October 10, the possibility to extend this mandate and the maintenance of the current leadership during the possible transition, because of COVId-19 pandemic is now in the hands of the upper house of Parliament and a council of constitutional petitions in Ethopia. their […]

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Tension rekindling over Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

Relations are not calming down around the mega-dam that Ethiopia is building on the Nile, as negotiations with Sudan and Egypt, countries downstream of the river, have been suspended. An Ethiopian government meeting on May 11 rekindled the tension. During the meeting, the head of government Abiy Ahmed and several ministers, as well as the […]

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Ethiopia admits to have shot down ‘by error’ the Kenyan plane in Somali

Ethiopia admits that it shot down the Kenyan plane carrying humanitarian aid in south-west Somalia. The crash took place early last week and all six passengers, Kenyans and Somalis, died. The Ethiopian authorities speak of an error in a communiqué to the African Union. It was a private plane from African Express Airways. On board […]

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Saudi Arabia deports thousands of Ethiopians amid COVID-19 pandemic

Thousands of undocumented Ethiopian workers are being abruptly deported from Saudi Arabia in cargo planes amid efforts to contain the spread of the deadly coronavirus pandemic. The Saudi government claimed that the Ethiopians were vulnerable to spreading the coronavirus. Therefore, some were deported with symptoms and many without. This week, Ethiopia’s health minister, Lia Tadesse […]

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Nile dam saga: US Trump calls Egypt’s Sisi

US President Donald Trump has spoken with Egypt’s  Abdel Fattah al-Sisi with regard to the ongoing dispute over the Grand Renaissance Dam being built in Ethiopia Washington has been hosting talks between Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan – but Ethiopia skipped the latest round of negotiations last week. The East African nation accused the US of […]

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Moroccan-Ethiopian Cooperation Roadmap Reviewed in Addis Ababa

Moroccan-Ethiopian cooperation roadmap was reviewed at a meeting Monday in Addis Ababa between Head of the Moroccan Government, Saad Dine El Othmani, and Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed. The talks, held on the sidelines of the 33rd ordinary summit of the African Union, provided an opportunity to highlight the good relations between the two countries, […]

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Ethiopia: New investment law to attract FDI

Ethiopia has passed a new investment law on Thursday as part of the Horn of Africa nation’s economy and drive progress toward a middle-income status. According to the new law, banking, insurance, micro-credit and micro-saving services will be reserved for domestic investors. The country’s banking sector, dominated by the two oldest and most profitable institutions […]

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