DRC: Felix Tshisekedi and his predecessor Joseph Kabila met again to discuss content of their 2019 agreement

Felix Tshisekedi and his predecessor Joseph Kabila met Sunday in Kinshasa. This tête-à-tête was expected given the increase in tensions between the two political families since their last meeting, even leading to the death of a man. During these exchanges, the two leaders raised several issues, including some angry topics.
The last meeting between the two men took place last July. Félix Tshisekedi and his predecessor Joseph Kabila met on Sunday, September 20, to discuss various topics, on the table since June.
In particular, the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo and his predecessor discussed the content of the agreement that binds the two coalitions since January 2019. Better seated in his chair, the current president wishes to revisit certain points. According to those close to him, he is thinking of running again in 2023 when the FCC (Common Front for the Congo) wants his candidate to be supported.
Also on the agenda was the battle for control of the electoral system. The FCC of Joseph Kabila holds Ronsard Malonda as the future president of the Electoral Commission (Céni) and the CACH (coalition Cap pour le changement) wants a personality deemed neutral to occupy this strategic position. There was also no agreement on this point.
Another point of contention that remains at the end of this tête-à-tête is the controversy surrounding the appointments made by Felix Tshisekedi to the Constitutional Court. The current head of state insists that the two new judges be invested, but the former president refuses.
Perhaps the least controversial issues were the sharing of posts in the territorial and diplomatic representations. The follow-up committee of the coalition agreement, composed of four negotiators from each camp, has been charged with continuing the exchanges in order to obtain more concrete results before the end of this year, it is said on both sides.

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