Tanzania: The opposition wants to know where President Magufuli is

Where is the Tanzanian president? John Magufuli has not been seen in public since February 26. Almost two weeks of absence have launched a wave of rumors, especially since the Kenyan press is talking about the hospitalization of an African head of state in Nairobi because of Covid-19. The Tanzanian government did not comment, but the opposition demanded explanations from the authorities.
“Where is President Magufuli? What is his health status? We demand a statement. Opponent John John Mnyika, secretary general of the Chadema party, is calling the authorities to account while the head of state has disappeared from the radar.
The Tanzanian president was on tour in Dar Es Salaam at the end of February. But since then, the very religious John Magufuli has not reappeared, not even for Sunday mass.
Several people explain that he was admitted to a hospital in Nairobi. One source suggests that his pacemaker may have been checked. But the Kenyan press has announced that an African head of state has been under the care of the Coronavirus since Monday. Without naming him, the Daily Nation gave clues that John Magufuli is the person in question.
Opposition politician Tundu Lissu said the head of state was indeed infected with Covid-19. “Sad that he had to travel to Kenya to prove that the cures he touted do not protect,” commented the former presidential candidate.
The irony would be stinging indeed when John Magufuli has consistently downplayed the epidemic, ignored hygiene measures, claimed that the virus had been defeated by prayers, that it could be eradicated with steam baths and herbal remedies.
Three weeks ago, the head of state softened his stance after his secretary and Zanzibar’s first vice president died on the same day. John Magufuli finally asked Tanzanians to wear masks.

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