Gabon: The Constitutional Court cancels again the mandatory health pass for public places

In Gabon, the Constitutional Court overturns the requirement for a health pass to access public places. It annulled – for a second time in a row – a government order concerning new measures against Covid-19.
In its written decision, the Constitutional Court explains that the government’s order is “regular”. However, in substance, the provisions of several articles are unconstitutional, making the decree unenforceable.
The decree provided for the entry into force in the country of several new measures that were highly contested by civil society. These include the requirement to present a health pass to go to work or public places.
Without a pass, unvaccinated people had to show a negative PCR test that was less than 14 days old. However, the PCR test once again had to be paid for and cost 20,000 and 50,000 CFA francs.
For the civil society activists who brought the case to court, this order violates fundamental freedoms.