Chadian junta cancels controversial appointments

Transitional military president Mahamat Idriss Déby has rescinded an act he himself signed on December 31, 2021, appointing several personalities to command positions. The decree, that has just been canceled, was criticized by the enarques, who felt that their rights have been violated.
The first to come out of their silence were the enarques, integrated and placed at the disposal of the Ministry of Territorial Administration.
“When there is a draft appointment to the Ministry of Territorial Administration, politicians send the names of their activists to ask for positions to the detriment of enarques trained in a renowned school such as ENA, National School of Administration,” they said, denouncing in anonymity.
“We say no, unanimously no, our rights are violated, these people should change, they should stop with these unhealthy practices,” decried one of these enarques, who added that they had written to the Minister of Territorial Administration on several occasions and that a list of qualified people who had been given to him was not taken into consideration.
The discontent of the enarques seems to be heard by the transitional authorities. Nine days after the publication of this contested decree, the president of the Transitional Military Council backed down. He canceled his act outright.
A wise decision, according to jurists, who believe that this decree should not even have been taken since the position of sub-prefect was abolished in 2018.

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