President Damiba launches a “mobilization order” for former soldiers

The situation continues to deteriorate in Burkina Faso. Civilians and soldiers are regularly killed. Transitional President Paul-Henri Damiba has issued a decree calling for the mobilization of former military personnel. According to him, it is for the “needs of the nation”.
The decree was signed by Lieutenant Colonel Paul-Henri Damiba. It launches “an order of mobilization of former military under the reserve during the period from 10 to 18 March,” according to the decree made public.
The mobilization, which concerns the military categories of non-commissioned officers and non-commissioned members retired during the years 2019, 2020 and 2021, is launched “for the needs of the nation,” reads the decree. A decision welcomed by the people.
“This is a very good measure in the sense that these soldiers will come to strengthen the ranks that can make the enemy retreat. It is one of the decisions that I find salutary”, says Batière Da, a student.
Terrorist attacks have increased in recent days in Burkina. On Sunday, 13 gendarmes were killed and five others wounded in an ambush on the Kaya-Dori road. Long before that, an attack on a transport bus on the same Kaya-Dori route left two people dead and 16 wounded. Seven people were killed, including four army auxiliaries and three civilians, yesterday morning in an attack in Arbinda in the Sahel, according to several local sources.

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