PCP warns of Portuguese “interference” operations in Angola

The Portuguese Communist Party (PCP) warned this Monday for the “operations of interference” made from Portugal to destabilize Angola.
In a statement, the Communist Party congratulated MPLA and considered that the 51.17% achieved by the party expresses the recognition by the population “the historical path and fundamental role” of that political force “in the conquest of independence, the defense of sovereignty and territorial integrity against the aggression of the apartheid regime.
In the document, the PCP “denounces the operations of interference that from Portugal seek, once again, to promote the destabilization of Angola”, alerting to the attempt “to put into question the electoral process” by UNITA and other political forces “in the face of its defeat” and “similar to previous situations”.
In the PCP’s view, the political forces that are contesting the election results “do not accept the sovereign, free and democratically expressed will” of Angolans.