Nigeria’s Qadiri Tariqa Khalifa General pays 10-day visit to Morocco

Khalifa General of the Qadiri tariqa in Nigeria and West Africa, Chairman of the Shura Council of Kano State in northern Nigeria, Sheikh Karib Allah Nasser Kabar, is paying a fraternal visit to Morocco this Sept. 8 to 18.

Sheikh Nasser Kabar, who is leading a large, is member of the section of the Mohammed VI Foundation of African Ulema in Nigeria.

, will visit the Foundation Mohammed VI of African Ulema, the same source said.

This visit is part of the strengthening of spiritual relations between Morocco and African countries, including Nigeria, sources in Abuja said.

It is also part of the renewal of allegiance to King Mohammed VI, and is an opportunity to express thanks and gratitude as well as loyalty and fidelity to the Sovereign, the sources were quoted by MAP as saying.

The visit is also one of the cornerstones in the consolidation and strengthening of spiritual and religious ties linking the Sheikhs of the Qadiri tariqa in Nigeria to the Moroccan King, commander of the faithful, in the light of common religious constants, which constitute the common ground between Morocco and all African countries.

Morocco and Nigeria are united by solid and ancestral relations. The two countries have deep-rooted spiritual and fraternal relations and the visits of high-level delegations from Nigeria to Morocco contribute to the consolidation and strengthening of relations between the two sisterly countries and peoples.

Located in the northern part of Nigeria with a Muslim majority, Kano is the second city of the country after Lagos in terms of population. Nigeria is the first country in Africa with the largest number of Muslims with more than 104 million followers.

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