Mozambique and Botswana sign extradition agreement

Mozambique’s Minister of Justice, Constitutional and Religious Affairs, Helena Kida, and her Botswana counterpart, Machana Ronald Shamukuni, signed an agreement to exchange prisoners and provide mutual legal assistance in criminal matters.
“We understand that the agreement makes it clear that extradition requests will be decided by the state to which the request is made using the procedures provided for in the respective legislation,” said Kida, quoted by Notcias, the main Mozambican daily newspaper.
The understanding provides for the refusal of extradition if the prisoner has been sentenced to death, a penalty that exists in the legal system of Botswana but has been abolished in Mozambique, and if there are human reasons arising from advanced age, health problems, or other special circumstances, said the Mozambican governor.
Helena Kida points out that Mozambique and Botswana cannot be refuges for criminals who have committed offenses in either country.
The two countries are members of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and also cooperate in the areas of the economy, agriculture, and defense and security. Botswana has sent a military contingent to SADC personnel involved in fighting armed groups in the province of Cabo Delgado, northern Mozambique.

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