Another businessman kidnapped in Mozambique

The Mozambican authorities have confirmed yet another kidnapping in Maputo, bringing to 12 the number of kidnappings carried out by so far faceless alleged squads, whose victims are preferably citizens and businessmen of some Asian descent.
The most recent victim is Ahmad Boia, a businessman and father of Imran Issa, a lawyer who became notorious as a declarant in the hidden debts case. The kidnapping took place in Bairro da Mahlangalene, in the center of the Mozambican capital.
The National Criminal Investigation Service, through its spokesman at the Maputo city level, Hilário Lole, confirmed the kidnapping and, without giving too many details, said only that the case is being investigated. More than a year and a half ago, the government announced the creation of the anti-kidnapping brigade, a special force that was supposed to focus on the investigation and repression of this type of crime, but so far, it never got off the ground.
The Minister of the Interior, Arsénia Massingue, recently stated that she does not know yet when the brigade will be created.