Equatorial Guinea reduces to 20 the 368 vessels that illegally fished under its flag in international waters

A plan designed by Nguema Obiang Mangue drastically reduces the number of ships that fraudulently navigated international waters under the Equatorial Guinean flag.
According to the report of the International Maritime Organization presented by the Minister of Transport, Posts, New Information and Communication Technologies, Honorato Evita Oma, there were a total of 368 ships.
After being informed that many ships were sailing with the Equatoguinean symbol illegally, the Vice President of the Republic launched a device with an international alert; a strategy that has made it possible to reduce, to date, up to 20 ships that navigate legally with the license of Equatorial Guinea.
During the meeting, held this Thursday, March 30, at the People’s Palace in Malabo, Nguema Obiang Mangue congratulated, on the one hand, the new team from the Ministry of Transport for the excellent work carried out, while at the same time he instructed them not to lower their guard to prevent boats from continuing to fraudulently fish under the Equatorial Guinean flag. On the other, it has mandated that every time they receive notifications about the arrest of a ship that sails illegally under the national flag, a commission must travel to the country, which will show the interest of the Equatoguinean Government in putting an end to this situation.

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