EU funds new project to promote women’s and girls’ rights in Guinea-Bissau

The European Union (EU) launched a new project to promote the rights of women and girls in Guinea-Bissau, and to fight against violence, which is on the rise, especially in rural areas.
“It is with concern that violence against women and girls continues to persist, particularly in remote rural areas. There are even reports that these phenomena have been increasing”, said the EU Ambassador in Bissau, Artis Bertulis.
In Guinea-Bissau, 37% of girls marry before the age of 18, 27% of women have had a child before the age of 18 and 50% of girls up to the age of 14 have undergone female genital mutilation.
“These data reveal a harsh reality that deserves deep reflection and concrete and immediate action”, noted the EU ambassador.
The new project, called “No tene diritu a un vida sin violencia” (“We have the right to a life without violence”), is funded by the EU and will be implemented by Mani Tese in partnership with the Faith and Education Foundation (FEC), the Italian non-governmental organization Engim, and the Friends of Children Association (Amic).
“This project is further clear proof that the prevention, combat and repression of all forms of violence and discrimination against girls and women, as well as the guarantee of their physical and psychological integrity, are at the heart of the European Union,” the diplomat stressed.
The ambassador of the European Union also stressed that for the “goals to be realized” it takes the “commitment of the whole society, including political leaders, religious leaders and community leaders.”

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