Sierra Leone attacks were a failed coup attempt according to officials

The Government of Sierra Leone is now speaking of an attempted coup d’Etat following the violence that broke out in Freetown on Sunday November 26. Unknown gunmen attacked military barracks, an armory and detention centers. On Tuesday November 28, the authorities acknowledged that it was an attempted putsch perpetrated by active or retired soldiers.
It’s official. Sunday’s attack was indeed an attempted putsch. It was an operation to “illegally subvert and overthrow the democratically elected government”, declared the Minister of Information. According to Chernor Bah, most of the coup leaders are now either in detention or on the run. The authorities have circulated a list of some thirty people, both civilian and military, who are currently wanted.
On Tuesday afternoon, intelligence led to the arrest of several suspects. One of them resisted and fired at a patrol before being arrested.
Chief of Staff Patrick Lavahun revealed that pursuits were underway in Freetown, particularly in the Allen Town residential area, where two vehicles containing weapons were recovered on Monday. The hunt even extends outside the city, to Koya, some 40 km away. The lieutenant-general also gave more details of Sunday’s clashes. At around 3 a.m., the now putschists allegedly entered the armoury at the Congo Cross traffic circle. Fighting ensued. One assailant was killed on the spot, and the others left before storming the Wilberforce military barracks. They were repulsed and attacked a military logistics unit. One of them was mortally wounded. The latest death toll stands at 21, including 14 soldiers and three assailants.
Detention centers were also attacked, including the central prison. A total of 2,213 prisoners escaped. A few dozen returned voluntarily. The authorities have promised a reward for the prisoners on the loose and the assailants.