Angola inaugurates second phase of 39ME gas project in Soyo

Sonangol inaugurated Thursday December 14 the second phase of the Falcão project, an investment of 42.8 million dollars (38.9 million euros) that will supply gas to the combined cycle thermoelectric plant and fertilizer factory in Soyo.
The aim, explained the Minister of Mineral Resources, Oil, and Gas, is to supply treated gas to the Soyo plant in Zaire province and to other industrial projects such as the ammonia and urea factory, which he considered strategic for the country, guaranteeing self-sufficiency in fertilizers.
Diamantino Azevedo estimated that the first fertilizer production should take place during the current mandate—by 2027—and guaranteed that the government is providing support to the private promoters of the project (the Opaia Group), which also has a small stake in the Angolan state oil company, Sonangol.
“We know that the national and international context is difficult; it’s a challenge we’ve set ourselves (…), and it’s not just about producing ammonia and urea; it’s about our country becoming self-sufficient in soil improvers and fertilizers,” he stressed at the inauguration ceremony.
“If the country starts producing fertilizer, it will spend less foreign currency importing fertilizers, which can be channeled into other areas, and we will have more agricultural productivity and be able to strengthen food security,” he added.
Manuel Barros, CEO of Sonagás, Sonangol’s butane gas distribution subsidiary, reiterated that the project will make it possible to maximize gas production in Angola. “Instead of exporting raw materials, we are going to use this project in our country, generating energy for development and boosting the agricultural sector.”
With a total cost of 42.8 million dollars, the Falcão Project took 26 months to build, since the foundation stone was laid on September 28, 2021.

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