Almost 400 people sign petition in 24 hours to free kidnap victims in Mozambique

Almost 400 people have signed an online petition in 24 hours calling for the “unconditional” release of Mozambican and Portuguese-Mozambican citizens in captivity in Mozambique and against the kidnappings affecting the country.
Kidnappings are a heinous crime that has plagued Mozambican society for several years. It is urgent for Mozambican society to rise up against what is happening in the country,” reads the online petition “Against kidnappings in Mozambique”, which has been signed by 379 people in around 24 hours.
“The signatories of this petition call for the unconditional release of Portuguese-Mozambicans and Mozambicans in captivity. To this end, the signatories of this petition call on the Mozambican authorities to make every effort to rescue them, and on the Portuguese authorities to provide the necessary and unconditional support within the framework of the usual collaboration between the two States in this process,” says the document, addressed to the Governments of both countries.
For some weeks now, Maputo has been experiencing a new wave of kidnappings, especially of businesspeople, with two Portuguese-Mozambicans having been targeted since November, one of whom, aged 26, has been held captive for more than 50 days, and suspicions of the involvement of agents linked to police investigations in this type of crime.
There is no official data on the number of people in captivity at the moment in Mozambique, victims of kidnappings, but on November 17 another Mozambican businessman linked to the automobile industry was kidnapped by unknown men also in the city of Maputo.
“Don’t let these victims fall into oblivion,” appeal the petition’s signatories, Portuguese and Mozambican citizens. The President of Mozambique, Filipe Nyusi, acknowledged in parliament on Wednesday that despite improvements in the fight against crime, there is still concern about the crimes of kidnapping that continue to plague the country.

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