DGSN 2023 annual report: A significant 10% decrease in crime rate

Morocco’s Directorate of National Security (DGSN) is marking the conclusion of the year with statistics showcasing a decline in recorded criminal cases for the year 2023.

DGSN emphasized the heightened collaborative efforts across all its units in combating various forms of crimes, such as drug trafficking, terrorism, and sexual assaults.

As outlined in its annual report, DGSN documented a 10% reduction in the overall crime rate. Law enforcement handled 738,748 criminal cases, leading to the apprehension and prosecution of 723,874 individuals involved in various criminal activities.

Significantly, indicators of violent crimes displayed a notable decrease, with a 25% drop in murders, assaults, and fatal injuries.

The report highlights a noteworthy 4% decline in sexual assault crimes and a 19% decrease in car theft offenses.

Additionally, the report commends the concerted efforts of all stakeholders within the national police, including research, scientific, and technical police, aimed at diminishing the prevalence of shadow crimes or those that go unreported.

The DGSN annual report exposed positive rate figures in Financial-economic crimes, Irregular migration, Cybercrimes, Counterterrorism and Drug trafficking.

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