Weah says he’s drawing a definitive line under the Liberian Presidency

Liberia’s outgoing President George Weah has said he has no intention of running for re-election, drawing a definitive line under the Presidency after his electoral defeat two months ago, the local press reported on Monday January 15.
The former soccer star, who was elected president in 2017 but defeated in November 2023 by Joseph Boakai, to whom he will officially hand over the reins on January 22, spoke about his future to the faithful at a church service at the evangelical Christian’s home church outside the capital Monrovia.
Mr. Weah, 57, invoked his age in 2029, the date of the next presidential election, according to a recording of his remarks.
“Liberians will see that I am older and that there are tasks I can no longer accomplish”, he said. “I’m 57, and the retirement age is 65 (in Liberia). In six years, I’ll be 63 and won’t be able to work for two years”, he added.
“You won’t drag me into politics until I’m 90. I thank Liberians for allowing me to become President, whether it’s once or fifty times. I guarantee it will only be once”, he emphasized. He did not say what he intended to do after the Presidency. He promised to work for peace and prosperity in his country, which is one of the poorest in the world.
Mr. Weah drew praise when he conceded defeat even before the victory of his opponent, 79-year-old political veteran Joseph Boakai, was made official.