Ireland does not recognize Polisario!

Faced with the crude manipulation attempted by the leader of the Polisario separatist militia, Brahim Ghali, who is boasting about a so-called visit to Dublin, the Irish authorities have had to expose the “Polisario” lie. In a clear and unambiguous statement issued by its Embassy in Rabat, Ireland has put an end to this attempt at manipulation.

The presence in Ireland of the head of the Polisario separatist militia was of a “private” nature, and not “official” as claimed by separatist propaganda. Ireland’s official Declaration states: “The visit of Polisario Front representatives to Ireland last week was a private visit”. It was organized by a pro-Polisario micro association active in Ireland. “The Irish government is in no way involved in or responsible for this activity.”

The separatists were not received by any member of the Irish government. Ireland’s Official Statement, as circulated by its Embassy, says with acerbic phlegm: the separatists’ visit was “not on foot of an official invitation”*. Despite their insistent requests and the support of their intermediaries, the separatists had no discussions – official or unofficial – with Irish Prime Minister Leo VARADKAR or his Services, nor with Foreign Minister Micheal Martin.

The agents of the separatist militia have not been received by the Irish legislature, either. The Speakers of both Houses, as well as the Chairman of the Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs, have refused to receive them. Only certain members of parliament sympathetic to the separatist group were received, in a personal capacity – and not on behalf of Parliament.

Ireland’s position on the Moroccan Sahara issue is not only unchanged, but has been clarified and reaffirmed. Ireland’s Official Statement, issued by the Irish Embassy, affirms that: “Ireland does not recognise” the pseudo separatist republic” (sadr).

Ireland, which does not recognize and has never recognized the pseudo “SADR”, maintains a constructive posture. This position, as defined by the Irish Government, is reaffirmed in today’s official Irish statement: “Ireland’s long-standing position on Western Sahara is one of full support for the UN-led process and the Secretary General’s efforts to bring about a definitive and mutually acceptable political settlement on this issue”.

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