S-Africa: ANC, a weakened party, launches its program ahead of the general elections in May

The African National Congress (ANC), the ruling party in South Africa since 1994, launched its electoral program on Saturday at the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban (600 km from Pretoria), ahead of the decisive national and provincial elections scheduled for May 29.

The ANC’s electoral manifesto, unveiled by the party’s president and head of state, Cyril Ramaphosa, will focus on six key priorities. “We will focus on six priorities essential to transforming the economy and creating jobs,” said the President, citing the creation of inclusive industries, the fight against the cost of living, investment in national defense, and the promotion of freedom.

The historic party faces major challenges and an unprecedented situation. It risks falling below 50% of the votes and thus losing its absolute majority in Parliament for the first time, which would require it to form alliances with other parties to continue governing.

As the general elections approach, the ANC faces increasing opposition from several directions, including from MK, a party led by former President Jacob Zuma, as well as from the Democratic Alliance (DA), the main opposition party gaining more ground.

For many political analysts, Zuma’s new party represents a serious threat to the ANC, especially in the densely populated province of KwaZulu-Natal, the historical stronghold of Nelson Mandela’s party.

Zuma, a key figure in KwaZulu-Natal politics, has wielded influence in the region for many years. The province has become a political battleground for several parties. But this time, things will be different for the ANC as it launches its electoral campaign amidst internal divisions and multidimensional crises.

Observers believe that the upcoming elections could change the country’s political landscape in a more dramatic way than expected: the ANC will likely lose its absolute majority at the national level, and power could, in theory, change hands in several provinces.

The results of a new survey compiled by Wits University, as well as those of a previous survey, suggest that the ANC will perform worse than expected in this year’s elections.

The data reveals that the ruling party would garner the support of only 39% of registered voters, compared to 19% for the DA and 16% for the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF–opposition).

More than 27 million registered voters are called to the polls on May 29 to renew their Parliament, which will in turn designate the next head of state.

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