Burkina Faso: Approximately 170 individuals were executed in attacks, official reports

Approximately 170 individuals were reportedly “executed” in assaults on three villages in northern Burkina Faso last week, as disclosed by a regional prosecutor amid escalating violence in the nation. Aly Benjamin Coulibaly, the prosecutor for Ouahigouya, revealed that the attacks occurred in Komsilga, Nodin, and Soroe villages in Yatenga province on February 25, resulting in an estimated toll of around 170 fatalities. Survivors recounted harrowing details, indicating that numerous women and young children were among the victims. While the attacks inflicted injuries and material damage, no specific group was held responsible.

An investigation was promptly initiated, with authorities urging the public to provide any relevant information. Separate from these incidents, deadly events unfolded at a mosque in Natiaboani and a church in Essakane on the same day, although official death tolls have not yet been disclosed.

Burkina Faso has grappled with pervasive insecurity, with approximately half the nation beyond government control due to ongoing armed conflicts, claiming nearly 20,000 lives and displacing over two million people. Military coups in 2022 underscored public frustration with the government’s inability to address insecurity. The current administration, led by Captain Ibrahim Traore, has emphasized a robust security response to combat insurgent groups.

Despite military efforts to counter armed groups, attacks persist, indicative of ongoing challenges in restoring stability.

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