Liberia’s Head of State Establishes Task Force to Combat Corruption

Liberia’s President Joseph Boakai has established a task force aimed at combating corruption and reclaiming misappropriated state resources.

Boakai mandated the task force to uncover and prosecute any high-ranking officials implicated in corruption, spanning both current and past administrations. In an executive decree, he emphasized the imperative to recover assets acquired through illicit means at the expense of Liberia’s government and citizens, labeling corruption as a pressing menace gripping the nation. Those found to have unlawfully acquired government assets are obligated to return them, with measures in place to enforce compliance, including potential extradition for individuals residing outside Liberia. Adequate funding has been allocated to facilitate the task force’s immediate commencement of operations.

Boakai’s anti-corruption initiative aligns with his campaign promises to address corruption, a commitment that resonated with voters during his successful bid for the presidency, securing victory over former President George Weah. Weah’s administration faced widespread allegations of corruption and drew criticism for the lavish lifestyles of senior officials.

Following Boakai’s inauguration, he urged former officials to promptly surrender any government assets in their possession, underscoring the urgency of the matter.