Implementation of Morocco’s offer for green hydrogen development

Morocco is about to implement its incentive-driven offer for the development of the green hydrogen sector in line with the directives of King Mohammed VI.

The Sovereign had actually given his instructions to the government, during a working session he chaired on November 22, 2022, to put forward a Moroccan green hydrogen offer, and urged the government in the Throne Speech of July 2023 to implement the “Morocco Offer” swiftly and effectively “to make sure the requirements of quality are observed, to leverage our country’s significant potential in this regard, and to meet the expectations of leading global investors in this promising field.”

This operational and incentive-driven offer covers the entire value chain of the green hydrogen industry. It is designed to meet the needs of investors and position the Kingdom as a competitive player in this emerging and promising field, the Head of Government’s Office said this Monday in the implementation decision.

This decision outlines the stages of the implementation process of “Morocco Offer”, the means mobilized by the State to ensure its successful implementation, and defines the roles of the various stakeholders. This offer is based on a comprehensive, practical, and transparent approach that gives investors a clear vision regarding the scope of the offer application, the land mobilization, the necessary infrastructure to develop the sector, the incentive measures, the process of selecting investors, as well as the concluding of contracts with the State, and the governance of the green hydrogen sector.

In the midst of this transformation, green hydrogen is expected to be a key energy vector and one of the main drivers of the energy transition and sustainable growth in the Kingdom. This emerging sector will also be a turning point for Morocco’s economy in light of economic, social, environmental, and technological challenges.

The “Morocco Offer” applies to integrated projects ranging from the generation of electricity from renewable energies and electrolysis, to the conversion of green hydrogen, ammonia, methanol and synthetic fuels, as well as related logistics.

“Morocco Offer” aims to attract investors or investor groups interested in producing green hydrogen and its derivatives, whether for the domestic market, export, or both. The strong and active interest expressed by nearly 100 national and international investors in generating green hydrogen in Morocco confirms the country’s great potential in this field.

In view of the importance of land in developing the hydrogen sector, the State has identified one-million-hectare public land. During the first stage, 300,000 hectares will be provided to investors, in the form of plots of land ranging from 10,000 to 30,000 hectares, according to the size of the expected projects. The State will make sure, within a contractual framework, to protect and ensure the proper use of public land.

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