China and Angola Strengthen Relationship to Comprehensive Strategic Cooperative Partnership

Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Angolan President Joao Lourenco in Beijing, extending a warm welcome and describing Lourenco as a longstanding friend of the Chinese people. Xi emphasized the enduring nature of China-Angola relations despite global changes, emphasizing the mutual benefits derived from their cooperation. He characterized their collaboration as exemplifying South-South cooperation, a partnership between developing nations rooted in mutual assistance and benefit. With 40 years since diplomatic relations were established, Xi expressed a strengthened commitment to deepening traditional friendship and achieving common development through solidarity.

In response, President Lourenco expressed gratitude for China’s significant support, particularly praising the exemplary economic and trade cooperation between the two countries. He noted the vast potential for further growth and development in their relationship, foreseeing mutual benefits for both nations.

The meeting concluded with the announcement of an elevation in bilateral ties to a comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership, marking a significant milestone in their relationship. This upgrade signifies a deeper commitment to collaboration and mutual support between China and Angola, promising enhanced cooperation across various sectors.

Overall, the discussions between Xi and Lourenco underscored the importance of the China-Angola relationship and highlighted their shared commitment to advancing bilateral ties for the benefit of both nations.