UN Warns: Sudan Faces One of the Worst Humanitarian Disasters in Recent Memory

Sudan grapples with one of the most severe humanitarian crises in recent memory, according to a stark warning issued by the United Nations. Nearly a year of ongoing conflict between the army, commanded by General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF), led by Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, has exacted a devastating toll. Tens of thousands have lost their lives, and the specter of famine looms large as international intervention remains scant.

Edem Wosornu, speaking on behalf of the UN Office for the Coordination for Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), underscored the staggering scale of the crisis during a statement to the UN Security Council. Describing Sudan’s plight as a “humanitarian travesty,” Wosornu lamented the lack of attention and action from the international community, noting the desperation among the Sudanese population.

The conflict has displaced over eight million people, exacerbating an already dire situation. Acute food insecurity affects more than 18 million Sudanese, a staggering increase from the previous year. Alarmingly, around 730,000 Sudanese children suffer from severe malnutrition, compounding the humanitarian emergency.

Efforts to secure an immediate ceasefire during Ramadan, as urged by the Security Council, faltered due to disagreements between the warring factions. Despite these challenges, the UN World Food Programme (WFP) emphasizes the critical need for coordinated action and diplomatic intervention to prevent Sudan from descending further into catastrophe. Without urgent and concerted efforts, millions more are at risk of sliding into unimaginable suffering and hunger in the coming months.