Financial Constraints Force Southern African Troops to Withdraw from Mozambique

Southern African Regional Troops Withdraw from Mozambique Due to Financial Constraints

The regional bloc of southern Africa, tasked with combating an Islamist insurgency in Mozambique, is set to depart the country due to financial limitations. Mozambique’s Foreign Minister, Verónica Macamo, stated that the Southern African Development Community (Sadc) has been assessing its budget constraints. Macamo emphasized that Sadc views Mozambique as comparatively stable when juxtaposed with the long-standing armed conflict in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Sadc has been engaged in efforts to quell violence in DR Congo since December of the previous year.

President Filipe Nyusi of Mozambique announced Sadc’s intention to withdraw its forces by July but affirmed that this decision does not signal an end to the nation’s fight against jihadist groups. Nyusi mentioned on Facebook that bilateral cooperation offers from other nations remain an option if necessary, urging Mozambicans to remain vigilant and resilient in the face of this development.

Northern Mozambique has grappled with an armed insurgency for six years, with the Islamic State group claiming responsibility for some of the attacks. The insurgency, marked by assaults on civilians and security forces, prompted a military response in July 2021, initially from Rwanda, which deployed over 2,000 troops, followed by support from Sadc.

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