Senegal’s new president calls for ‘renovated relationship’ with EU

Senegal’s newly inaugurated president, Bassirou Diomaye Faye, has called for a “rethought” relationship with the European Union during a visit by European Council President Charles Michel who is on his week-long tour of West Africa.
Faye, who was inaugurated as president only some three weeks ago, emphasized the need for a redefined relationship with the EU during a joint press conference with Michel. Senegal’s new leader highlighted “the dense and multifaceted nature” of his country’s cooperation with the EU but called for a “ rethought, renovated partnership,” one “capable of fostering the innovative dynamic” his administration aims to bring to bilateral relations. President Faye, elected on promises of radical reform and national “sovereignty” over key industries, has made clear his intention to reshape cooperation with the 27-country-bloc to support Senegal’s innovative agenda.
Charles Michel, on his part, said both sides “should not dread” broaching difficult subjects if it meant “bringing about improvements for both sides,” pointing to the fisheries issue in particular. As part of his promised reforms, Senegal’s new president recently announced the renegotiation of oil and gas contracts, and hopes to do the same with fishing agreements signed with the EU. Michel highlighted Europe’s vested interest in Senegal’s development and economic emergence, saying Brussels would help Dakar better tackle the mitigating factors that lead to migration, most notably the importance of improving living conditions for the Senegalese people.

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