London Hosts Meeting on Morocco’s Autonomy Plan & Investment Opportunities in Sahara

The autonomy plan offered by Morocco for the Sahara under its sovereignty, UK’s support and the huge untapped business opportunities offered in Moroccan Saharan provinces were at the centre of a meeting held Wednesday in London.

Speaking during the event, organized by Moroccan embassy in coordination with All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG), Conservative MP Liam Fox, who voiced last year support for Morocco’s autonomy plan, urged the British government to follow the footsteps of UK allies including France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and the U.S. which all strongly back the Moroccan initiative.

Mr. Fox, a former UK trade secretary, said Morocco is “our main ally” in the region which offers major cooperation opportunities in matters of security and defence.

Sir Simon Mayall, a retired Lt. General, stressed the need to support Morocco’s growth, security, prosperity and autonomy plan offering a credible, realistic and constructive solution to the humanitarian crisis in the Polisario-controlled Tindouf camps (Southern Algeria), a breeding ground of terrorists, extremists, human traffickers, drugs & arms dealers.

The Gulf maritime routes have shown their limits and vulnerability to terrorist attacks, said the British military advisor, stressing the need to preserve the Atlantic coast for global maritime traffic.

Morocco is building in Dakhla the largest container port on Africa’s Atlantic coast, while Tangiers has already the largest port in the Mediterranean, said Mr. Mayall, affirming that the Dakhla Atlantic port will have positive impact on the whole Sahel region.

For his part, Conservative MP Daniel Kawczynski lauded the strategic importance of the projects launched by Morocco on its Atlantic coast, offering huge investment opportunities for UK companies.

Morocco stands out in the region as a model in women’s empowerment, religious tolerance, the rule of law and democracy, said the British MP.

President of the Dakhla-Oued Eddahab Regional Council, El Khattat Yanja, said the major social and economic projects launched in the region have contributed to spurring inclusive development serving the interests of the local population in line with the Royal vision seeking to make the Kingdom’s southern provinces a geostrategic hub for exportation and investment in Africa.
Morocco’s ambassador to UK Hakim Hajoui said the autonomy plan proposed by Morocco for the Sahara under its sovereignty is the ONLY realistic solution to this regional dispute.

The event, which gathered several British MPs, Lords and businessmen, comes as the Morocco-UK Xlinks power project is gaining momentum with a growing capital investment injected in this ambitious undertaking expected to provide affordable, reliable, clean energy from Morocco to Britain.


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