Morocco-SIEL 2024: Tribute to Senegal’s Souleymane Bachir Diagne, Leading Figure of Philosophy in Africa

Senegalese Souleymane Bachir Diagne, an emblematic figure of philosophy in Africa, was honored at a meeting held on Sunday in Rabat, as part of the 29th edition of the International Book and Publishing Fair (SIEL).

During this tribute, which coincides with Diagne’s investiture this week as an associate member of the Academy of the Kingdom of Morocco, the Senegalese philosopher highlighted the essence of his thought, while stressing the importance of translation as a common thread running through all his work.

Diagne, author of several works on the history of philosophy and algebraic logic, the history of philosophy in the Muslim world and African philosophy, underlined the significance of translation as a factor in the transmission of Greek philosophy in the Muslim world, where it was enriched by a new lexicon, enabling it to spread to the Middle East, the Maghreb, and West Africa.

Creating real continuity between the different regions of Africa, the transmission of knowledge through translation provided “a double denial” of Hegel’s fragmented vision of Africa, since it demonstrated the existence of important “intellectual centers” in West and East Africa, he noted.

Diagne also highlighted his “ethical” perception of translation, according to which all languages are made to meet, overcoming differences to “bring humanity together.”

Through his work, Souleymane Bachir Diagne calls for the “reunification of Africa”, which he seeks to “remember” by reconstituting its memory, praising Morocco’s leadership in this field.


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