AfDB Chief Urges Revamping African Media to Reshape Continent’s Global Story

The President of the African Development Bank Group, Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, passionately called for more balanced media coverage of Africa’s development, stating it is critical to change inaccurate narratives.

At an African media summit in Nairobi, Adesina commended the media’s vital role in strengthening democracy and inclusivity. He said while Africa has made significant progress, the prevailing narrative often focuses on negative stereotypes, overlooking the continent’s advancements and resilience.

Adesina pointed out Africa’s economic growth in 2023 surpassed the global average, with 11 African nations among the world’s fastest-growing economies. He referenced a 2021 report showing adherence to outdated, negative clichés in media reports about Africa.

He emphasized the need to reshape the narrative to reflect Africa’s true spirit and potential, promoting a balanced view highlighting both challenges and successes. Adesina urged creating a powerful, globally respected African media through strategic collaborations to counter unfair narratives.

Adesina highlighted the African Development Bank’s successes, like maintaining a AAA credit rating and launching innovative financial initiatives, proving Africa can lead in the global financial landscape. Yet these achievements get minimal attention compared to the focus on challenges.

He stated Africa is blessed with energy sources, but millions lack electricity, saying “This must change. We cannot industrialize or develop in darkness. Our children cannot be competitive in a world without light. »