Switzerland denies any Polisario’s official representation on its territory

The Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs said “that there is no official representation of the polisario front either at the United Nations Office in Geneva or to the Federal Council (Swiss Government),” inflicting yet another slap in the face for the Algeria-backed separatists.

In a clarification note addressed to the Embassy of Morocco in Bern, the Swiss Federal Department said that “the polisario front office in Geneva enjoys no privileges or immunity in Switzerland.”

This is yet another defeat for the polisario in its quest to promote its fallacious theses.

In this respect, the Swiss Federal Department points out that the so-called polisario representative in Switzerland has once again been told to avoid using names and titles that would suggest that it is an official polisario representation.

This is a scathing slap in the face inflicted on the polisario by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, following the disoriented maneuvers led by the so-called polisario representative in Switzerland, who claims to be an ambassador representing the separatist front in this country and at the United Nations Office and international organizations in Geneva.

After the numerous setbacks suffered by the polisario, and as its multiple maneuvers were doomed to failure, the international community is well aware and refuses to let itself be taken hostage by an intellectual and historical swindle maintained by the polisario and its Algerian mentor for decades.

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