Power Play Concluded: DR Congo Unveils Cabinet After Protracted Political Impasse

The Democratic Republic of Congo has finally appointed a new government, according to spokesperson Tina Salama’s announcement early Wednesday morning. This ends months of political uncertainty that gripped the country after President Felix Tshisekedi secured a second term and his Sacred Union coalition won a parliamentary majority in late 2023 elections. However, internal power struggles over ministerial positions delayed the formation of a new cabinet.

After naming Judith Suminwa as Congo’s first female prime minister on April 1st and his former chief of staff Vital Kamerhe as parliament speaker on May 22nd, the way was paved for the government’s appointment. The new cabinet comprises 54 ministers, a slight downsizing from the previous 57 despite pressure to significantly reduce costs.

Key appointments include Guy Kabombo Muadiamvita as defense minister, tasked with the costly conflict against the M23 rebel group in the east. Doudou Fwamba Likunde was named finance minister, while Kizito Pakabomba will oversee the mines ministry and Congo’s significant mineral reserves.

Explaining the delay, the president’s communications director Erik Nyindu stated it took time for the ruling coalition parties to reach a compromise, saying “Better that than a country full of conflict.” Tshisekedi first formed a coalition government with his predecessor Joseph Kabila after his 2019 election victory, which broke down in 2021 before he assembled the new Sacred Union coalition. Following December’s polls, this coalition now holds around 95% of National Assembly seats.

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