Caught on Camera: Teen Driver Arrested After Vicious Assault on Kenyan Officer

Kenyan authorities have apprehended a 19-year-old driver who was caught on video viciously assaulting a traffic police officer on a road in Nairobi. The widely circulated footage shows the young man repeatedly punching and kicking the officer in the head, even after he had fallen to the ground. The motorist managed to flee the scene after bystanders intervened to aid the policeman.

This shocking attack has sparked an unusual outpouring of public sympathy towards the police, who are often criticized for brutality and corruption. According to a police report, the incident began when the officer, Patrick Ogendo, attempted to issue a citation after the driver made an illegal U-turn obstructing traffic. Ogendo instructed the motorist to drive to a nearby station, but the situation escalated with the driver allegedly pulling a sword and forcing Ogendo out of the vehicle before brutally attacking him.

The assault was widely condemned, with officials labeling it unacceptable for a police officer to be humiliated in such a manner. An alleged accomplice was also arrested at the scene. After a search, the 19-year-old suspect was eventually apprehended at his Nairobi residence later that evening. Traffic authorities stated he would face charges including attempted murder for the vicious attack on the officer, who required hospital treatment.

While Kenyan police face criticism over excessive force, this instance of a citizen carrying out an unprovoked and severe beating of an officer in uniform has sparked public outrage and sympathy.