War forces 10 million Sudanese to internal displacement- UNHCR

The ongoing infighting in Sudan has so far forced 10 million people to internal displacement as the country risks famine, the UNHCR said.

Some 2 million people have crossed the border to flee the ongoing civil war between the paramilitary RSF and the army, UNHCR told AP.

The war, which broke out in April last year, killed at least 14,000 people and pushed the population to the edge of famine, notably in the vast western region of Darfur where the risk of ethnic cleansing is also present.

Few days ago, RSF attacked the South Hospital in al-Fasher, the capital city of North Darfur province, opening fire on medical staff and patients, Doctors Without Borders said in a statement.

“The escalating violence in Sudan’s al-Fasher is dealing a crushing blow to civilians at their most vulnerable,” Martin Griffiths, UN Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs, said on Twitter.

RSF fighters include in their ranks Janjaweed members who took part, two decades ago, in atrocities that included mass killings of Darfur people under orders from former Sudanese President Omar Al Bashir.