Morocco rejects tutorship for Sahel countries, interference in their domestic affairs

Morocco rejects tutorship for Sahel countries in managing their internal issues and any foreign interferences in their domestic affairs.

The remarks were made by foreign minister Nasser Bourita following talks in Rabat Friday with his Burkinabe peer Karamoko Jean-Marie Traoré.

Morocco is firmly opposed to “the logic of those who give lessons and those who blackmail” Sahel countries, he said, stressing that “the Kingdom has confidence in the elites and genius of the countries of the Sahel to find the best way to deal with the complex situation in the region and make a success of the democratic transition.”

The Kingdom, he added, is against foreign interference in the affairs of Sahelian countries and “the policies of those who give lessons and those who consider that, given that they have borders with the Sahel, they can opt for a policy of blackmail.”

“Even in the Sahel neighborhood, there are countries that want to manage the situation by blackmail and settle their own problems at the expense of regional stability”, he noted, pointing out that the Kingdom’s approach is based on “confidence in the ability of these countries to resolve their own problems.”

In this regard, he pledged Morocco’s expertise and experience to support them in their programs and ambitions.

It is in this context, he explained, that the Royal Atlantic Initiative aims to give the countries of the Sahel access to the Atlantic Ocean, the ambition being to enable them to regain their vocation as a land of exchange and transit.

The countries of the Sahel reacted quickly and spontaneously to this initiative, joining in and supporting it, said the Minister.

“The idea was not to present a turnkey initiative to the Sahel countries, but to enable them to take ownership of it”, he added, recalling that it was this perspective that was at the origin of the meeting held in December in Marrakech, and then two weeks ago in Rabat when the Task Force convened to consider the operationalization of this initiative.

“Today, we are jointly building this initiative to provide a joint response and for the countries concerned to make their contribution”, he said.

“Today, it’s time to trust the countries of the Sahel and help them develop their own vision. They don’t need tutors, they need partners”, said Bourita, reiterating that Morocco, in accordance with the instructions of King Mohammed VI, is committed to this approach, both in its bilateral relations with each of these countries and in its vision of the region as a whole.

“The ties between Morocco and the countries of the Sahel are rooted in history, forged by a dense human, spiritual, and religious network, making this relationship solid, deep, and unique”.

In this context, the Minister underlined that these ties are supported at the highest level by the King, who takes a special interest in the Sahel region, as demonstrated by the many solidarity initiatives undertaken by Morocco in favor of the countries in the region.


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