Angola’s Banana Industry Flourishes at 10th Annual Fair

Angola’s thriving banana industry took center stage at the recently concluded 10th annual banana fair, showcasing the country’s growing prominence in global fruit production. The four-day event brought together local farmers, associations, and industry representatives from various municipalities to discuss market expansion strategies and highlight their production strengths.

Bengo province governor Maria Antónia Nelumba emphasized the government’s commitment to continued investment in banana processing, aiming to capitalize on the entire production chain. This aligns with President João Lourenço’s vision of diversifying the Angolan economy through agriculture, with bananas emerging as the country’s “green diamond”.

Industry leaders shared ambitious goals, with major producer Novagrolíder aiming to allocate 70% of output for the domestic market and 30% for export. Angola currently exports bananas to various countries, including European nations, South Africa, Namibia, DR Congo, and Russia, with plans to conquer new markets.

The fair underscored Angola’s position as Africa’s largest banana producer and the world’s seventh-largest, boasting an annual output exceeding four million tonnes. This achievement marks significant progress in the country’s agricultural sector.

Visitors praised the affordability and quality of Angolan bananas, with exhibitors noting strong competition among producers. First-time exhibitors like Celma from Nambuangongo municipality highlighted the high quality of their produce, contributing to the fair’s success.

As Angola continues to invest in its banana industry, the sector appears poised for further growth and international recognition. The success of this 10th edition, exceeding organizers’ expectations in both attendance and revenue, signals a bright future for Angola’s banana production and its role in diversifying the national economy.