Libyan crisis: Morocco, UN agree to continue dialogue on political process

Morocco and the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) have agreed to continue dialogue on the political process in Libya, UN Secretary-General’s Deputy Special Representative for Libya Stephanie Khoury said in Rabat on Monday, while Moroccan Foreign Minister reiterated Morocco’s belief that the UN umbrella is necessary to confer legitimacy to any process and any settlement of the Libyan crisis.

The statements were made to the press following a meeting in Rabat on Monday between Stephanie Khoury who is on working visit to the Kingdom, part of a first tour to countries in the region to examine ways of resolving the political crisis in Libya, and Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita.

Talks were described as straightforward and positive, given the two sides’ shared conviction as to the need for cooperation and consultation to give new impetus to the political process in Libya.

“We have agreed to continue the dialogue and discuss means of advancing the political operation in Libya, under the auspices of the UN, in favor of the Libyan people”, Khoury said.

The UN official underlined that the talks with Bourita were an opportunity to examine difficulties in Libya and the needs of the Libyan people, and the importance of progressing the political operation in the North African country, noting that these subjects are UNMIL’s priorities.

Bourita on his part told the media that Morocco is convinced that the UN umbrella is necessary to confer legitimacy to any process and any settlement of the Libyan crisis.

Bourita underlined Morocco’s wish to see the Libyan issue to be monitored by the UN and sees to it that the United Nations is kept informed of all diplomatic actions undertaken by the Kingdom on this issue. This wish had been illustrated in concrete terms since the inter-Libyan dialogue in Skhirat, where the Kingdom worked with the UN, as well as in Bouznika and at all ensuing meetings on this issue, he said.

Khoury’s work visit to Morocco falls within the framework of ongoing coordination and consultation between Morocco and the UN, in accordance with the royal directives, he added, noting that the Kingdom’s action on the Libyan issue is always undertaken in consultation with the UN, given that it is the leading supporter of the Libyan process, and on the basis of the solid human and historical ties between the Moroccan and Libyan peoples.

The official added that this meeting is an opportunity for Morocco to affirm its constant position with regard to the Libyan crisis and to emphasize that conditions are now favorable in Libya to further the Libyan process.

He reiterated Morocco’s constant belief that the Libyan crisis can only be resolved by the Libyans themselves, and that the issue of legitimacy in Libya hinges on elections.

Morocco always works with all Libyan bodies within a framework of respect and credibility, and maintains positive and respectful relations with all Libyan bodies and all parties, he added, noting that these consultations will enable progress to be made in resolving the Libyan crisis, given the pressing need to meet security and economic challenges, and to respond to the Libyan people’s social demands.

In this respect, Bourita stressed the imperative need to resolve the Libyan crisis, given its considerable impact on the security and stability of North Africa and the Sahel region.

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