The American Congress will vote an emergency financial envelope for military operations in Iraq

U.S President Barack Obama
U.S President Barack Obama
U.S President Barack Obama

The American Congress will vote for an emergency financial envelop to finance military operations against the organization of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. The vote should take place in the coming days.

This emergency requested by president Obama to finance military operations against the organization of Islamic State in Iraq, and Syria has been accepted by the negotiators of the US Congress on Tuesday night for a vote in the coming days. The training and equipping of the moderate Syrian rebels, proposed by the US President should also be extended. This plan was authorized only until December 11th by the Congress in September. Commissions of Defense of the House of Representatives and Senate released last Tuesday in Washington the final text of the great annual defense law for the 2015 fiscal year (October 2014 to September 2015), after months of negotiations.

The military budget of 5 billion dollars requested by Barack Obama in the text:  3.4 billion dollars to fund the deployment of US forces under Operation absolute determination and 1.6 billion for equipment program and training of Iraqi forces and Kurdish, for two years.

Barack Obama had made a total demand of 5.6 billion, which notably included $ 520 million for diplomatic and humanitarian efforts of the State Department.

The workout plan of the moderate Syrian rebels will be financed from the existing defense appropriations. In another points, the law extends the restrictions to the closure of the Guantánamo prison on the island of Cuba.

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