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Dr Denis Mukwege resigns from Covid-19 monitoring committees in DR Congo

The 2018 Nobel Peace Prize winner announced it on the website of his Panzi Foundation. At the end of March, he was appointed president of the health commission and vice-president of the multi-sectoral commission in charge of monitoring the progress of the coronavirus and coordinating the fight in South Kivu. After presenting his “response strategy” […]

Coronavirus Pandemic update in Africa

Africa had 54 027 confirmed cases of Coronavirus as of Friday, May 8. Covid-19 has already claimed the lives of 2 074people on the continent, according to the African Union Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. South Africa and Egypt are the two most affected countries, with 8 232 and 7 981cases respectively. They are […]

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Uganda: Chinese Firm Seeks to Build Dam on Nile River

In Uganda, Chinese firm POWERCHINA International Group Limited (PIGL) has requested for a license to develop a $1.4bn Hydroelectric Power Station. According to their application, the Chinese firm plans to raise funds for the project through a 25-75 percent mix of equity and debt. If approved, the plant will expand the East African country’s power […]

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Uganda to borrow $1.89 billion amid looming debt crisis

Uganda said it plans to borrow about $1.89 billion from external lenders in the 2020/2021 fiscal year to partly finance its budget. According to the finance ministry, the funds will be in the “form of concessional and non-concessional” credit. Economic growth in 2020/2021 would stand at 6.2 per cent, driven by higher productivity in manufacturing, […]

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Uganda: Drones to service public health facilities

The Ugandan Government is negotiating a deal with a drone firm for the delivery of blood packages, drugs and medical equipment to public health facilities, local media reported. The talks come a year after Ghana inaugurated the world’s largest drone medical delivery service in its bid to improve patients’ access to life-saving medicines. The drones […]

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Uganda and DR Congo to build cross-border roads

Democratic Republic of Congo’s President Felix Tshisekedi and his Ugandan counterpart President Yoweri Museveni have signed an agreement to increase trade and investment between the two Great Lakes Region countries. President Tshisekedi, who is visiting Uganda for the first time to attend the first ever Uganda-Congo Trade Forum, and his host jointly addressed a press […]

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Japan, UNIDO to build equipment operator training center in Uganda

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and Japan will establish a training center for operators of construction equipment in Luwero, Uganda.   Exchange of Notes, enacting the financial support of the Government of Japan as well as the technical support from Japanese partner Komatsu Ltd to the UNIDO project, was signed last week by […]

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China to build infrastructure as Uganda expects first oil production

The Chinese government has disbursed $134 million to build new infrastructure in Uganda, mainly roads, that are part of a network of over 700 km planned to service the country’s petroleum sites. According to Allen Kagina, director of the Ugandan Highway Authority, nearly 30% of the planned work would be carried out by local companies. […]

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Uganda to begin oil production in 2022

Uganda’s Energy Minister, Irene Muloni, on Tuesday said oil production in the East African nation has been pushed forward to 2022 after missing the country’s target of 2021. The Energy Minister explained that factors such as lack of infrastructure, mainly a pipeline and a refining facility, has held up the output resulting in the slight […]

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EIB invests €495 million in transport, energy, internet across Africa

The European Investment Bank has formally agreed a total of €495 million of new financing for three projects to support sustainable transport, clean energy and internet access projects in North, West and East Africa. The three projects, signed at the summit attended by heads of state and government from across Africa and Europe, earlier this […]

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