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Morocco’s King Looks Forward to a New Inclusive Development Model

King Mohammed VI said on Tuesday that he looks forward to seeing a new development model crowned with a new social deal that includes the State, its institutions, the private sector, political parties, trade unions, civil society and the citizens. In a speech he delivered from the city of Al Hoceima on the occasion of […]

Sahara settlement: Morocco remains committed to UN-led political process

King Mohammed VI has reiterated Morocco’s firm and earnest commitment to the political process for the settlement of the Sahara issue, conducted under the aegis of the United Nations. “Morocco remains resolutely and earnestly committed to the political process, under the exclusive aegis of the United Nations Organization,” said the Monarch in a speech addressed […]

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Morocco to revamp its development model for comprehensive take-off

Morocco braces for a new phase of a development model that builds on past achievements to tackle social inequalities and regional disparities, said King Mohammed VI, adding that revamping the nation’s development model is not an end in itself. Rather, it is a gateway to a new era for his country. In a speech he […]

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King Mohammed VI’s 20-year Reign: Ambitious Reforms & Great Infrastructures

As Moroccans prepare to celebrate on Tuesday July 30 the twentieth anniversary of the accession of Mohammed VI to the throne, much has already been written on the undeniably positive record of these years of rule. On top of this record, lies the quality of the relationship between King Mohammed VI and the Moroccan people […]

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Morocco’s King pledges support to Tunisia in fight against terrorism

King Mohammed VI of Morocco Thursday condemned the twin terror attacks in capital Tunis and vowed Morocco’s assistance to sisterly Tunisia in the fight against terrorism. The Tunisian capital was hit Thursday by two coordinated attacks that targeted a security vehicle and a police building. One officer was killed in the attacks and eight persons […]

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French PSA Group’s Ecosystem in Morocco required a €280 million investment

PSA group’s new plant in Kenitra, inaugurated Thursday, June 20 at an official ceremony chaired by King Mohammed VI, has required a €280 million investment. The PSA group’s new plant will spur the development of the Moroccan  automative sector and mirrors the excellence of the “Morocco Made”. The unit is expected to produce annually up […]

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Morocco’s King Hosts Jared Kushner, Senior US Presidential Adviser

King Mohammed VI conferred on Wednesday in Rabat with White House senior adviser Jared Kushner on ways of “strengthening further the long-standing, solid and multidimensional strategic partnership” existing between Rabat and Washington. According to MAP news agency, the Moroccan-US talks also covered latest developments in North Africa and the Middle-East region. On this occasion, the […]

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Morocco’s King outlines guidelines for enhancing Cen-Sad role

King Mohammed VI has outlined the guidelines that are likely to enhance the role of the Cen-Sad grouping as a preferred interlocutor for the resolution of the crises plaguing the Sahel-Sahara region, through a coordinated approach with the other Regional Economic Communities, the African Union, the United Nations, the European Union and other stakeholders. In […]

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Jewish-Muslim cohabitation, the Moroccan Exception in the Arab World – NYT

Morocco boasts a rich history of Jewish-Muslim cohabitation, and in the past several years, the kingdom has taken significant steps to strengthen it, while King Mohammed VI is carrying out a wide-ranging effort to revive his country’s Jewish heritage, in gestures of openness to remind Moroccan citizens, and the world, that the country’s Jewish history […]

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Pope Francis Pays Historic Visit to Morocco

Pope Francis paid Saturday and Sunday a historic visit to Morocco that he concluded with the celebration of a papal Mass at the Prince Moulay Abdellah sporting complex in Rabat. The Mass, which was aired worldwide, was attended by nearly 10,000 members of Morocco’s Catholic community. In his homily, the spiritual leader of the Catholic […]

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