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Morocco’s King Renews Strong Determination to Press ahead with Reform Process

King Mohammed VI of Morocco has renewed his strong determination to press ahead with the reform process in his country and to address the difficulties and shortcomings noticed in the Moroccan development model, particularly with regard to administrative services, as well as elected councils and local governments. In a speech he delivered Friday (October 13) […]

Africa must be allowed to play its role in tackling global challenges, Moroccan FM

Morocco has once again called for giving Africa the role it deserves in international affairs, stressing the critical need to allow the continent play its rightful role in tackling global challenges. Morocco is convinced that Africa can no longer be seen as a burden on the global community – the continent must play its role […]

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ECOWAS Membership to Enable Morocco to Act as bridge between Europe & Africa- German Economist

As a member of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), Morocco would be better able to fulfill its desired role as a bridge between Africa and Europe, said Christoph Kannengießer, the chief executive officer of the German-African Business Association. The German expert told DW that Morocco’s bid to join the ECOWAS is a […]

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King Mohammed VI: Morocco’s Reintegration into AU, Watershed in Kingdom’s Foreign Policy

King Mohammed VI described Morocco’s reintegration into the African Union as a diplomatic breakthrough and a watershed in the North African Kingdom’s foreign policy. In a speech he addressed to the Nation Sunday, on the occasion of the 64th anniversary of the Revolution of the King and People, the Moroccan Sovereign said his country’s commitment […]

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Throne Day: Morocco’s King Rebukes Public Administration

For the second time in less than two years, King Mohammed VI berated the poor management, the inadequate performance and the sluggish service of the Moroccan administration. In the Throne Day speech broadcast Saturday, the Monarch, in a very critical tone, shed light on the major issues suffered by public administration wherein most civil servants […]

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Morocco’s King Urges International Community to Compel Israel to Cease Provocations in Al Quds

King Mohammed VI of Morocco, in his quality as Chairman of the Al-Quds Committee, sent a letter to the UN Secretary General António Guterres in which he strongly condemned the “unacceptable” Israeli Policies and urged the international community to intervene to compel Israel to put an end to such aggressions. In the letter, the King […]

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King Mohammed VI Calls on African Football to Take up Challenge of Modernization

African football should rise to the challenge of modernization and to keep abreast of rapid developments in sports worldwide, said Tuesday King Mohammed VI of Morocco in a message addressed to an international symposium held in coastal city of Skhirat. “Football is more than just a sport or a means to achieve titles. It is […]

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Morocco Renews Resolve to Contribute to Emergence of a New Africa

Morocco has renewed its resolve to contribute to the emergence of a New Africa, able to turn the challenges it is facing into genuine prospects for development and stability, an Africa able to reinvent itself and to unleash a momentum of its own. The pledge was made by King Mohammed VI in the speech delivered […]

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Morocco admits stranded Syrian refugees, UNHCR welcomes move

Morocco decided on Tuesday to open its doors to thirteen Syrian families that have been stranded at the borders with neighboring Algeria since April 17 and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees has welcomed the humanitarian move. The decision to admit the refugees was announced by the Royal cabinet on Tuesday in a press release, […]

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Morocco, France Eager to Pool Efforts for Shared Goals in Africa

Morocco and France have voiced resolve to pool efforts to fulfil their shared goals in Africa, mainly boosting the continent’s development and growth and promoting a balanced relationship. This came during the summit talks held Wednesday between King Mohammed VI and the newly elected President of France Emmanuel Macron, who arrived in Rabat earlier in […]

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