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US calls for cut in UN peacekeeping forces in Mali

The US deputy ambassador to the United Nations Cherith Norman has called for a new approach to address the growing instability in Mali. Norman has called on Wednesday the Security Council to reduce the size of the 15,000 strong peacekeeping force in Mali. According to her, it was time to recognize that peacekeeping missions were […]

EU approves €59.3 million for structural reforms in Mali

The European Union (EU) has approved €59.3 million (FCFA 38,9 billions) to support two programs in Mali: The State Consolidation Support Program (SBC) and the sectoral reform contract for food security, nutrition and sustainable agriculture sectors (CRS-SANAD). Their main objective of the funds is to support the creation of an environment conducive to economic growth. […]

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Mali: France rejects ISIS claims it shot down helicopters

France has denied claims by the ISIS terror group that it shot down the two helicopters, killing 13 French soldiers. The French Army denied that the two helicopters that crashed had been under fire from Islamic State jihadists, contradicting a statement from the militants. “There has been no gunfire from jihadists on our helicopters,” French […]

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Mali: 13 French troops die in collision of two helicopters

A collision of two French military helicopters Monday caused the death of all 13 occupants, in what appears the largest loss in a single day of French troops in Mali since their intervention in 2013. A tiger helicopter hit Cougar helicopter at low altitude at dusk in Northern Mali. The aircrafts were involved in the […]

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Mali: 25 soldiers killed in attacks by suspected jihadists

Suspected jihadists have killed about twenty-five Malian soldiers after they attacked two army camps in central Mali on Monday, the government said in a statement. According to the government, the attacks targeted the military posts at Boulkessi and Mondoro. “Among the ranks of the FAMA (Malian armed forces) the provisional toll is 25 killed, four […]

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UN launches initiative to promote understanding in Malian communities

In Mali, a trial project is under way to help aid workers get a better understanding for the needs of communities vulnerable to escalating violence and armed extremists.   The initiative is run by OCHA, the UN’s aid coordination wing. It relies on a local individual going into villages and asking people what they want […]

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UN warns of spike in grave violations against children in Mali as ‘the new normal’

The UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and partners on Tuesday, called on all warring parties in Mali to stop attacks on Children and “keep them out of harm’s way”, voicing great concern over a sharp increase in the killing and maiming of children in the country due to ongoing fighting and instability.   “We must not […]

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MALI to build 50 MW photovoltaic power plant with a World Bank $52 million loan

The Government of Mali has recently received close to $52 million for the construction of a 50 MW solar power plant under public-private partnership (PPP). The government of the West African country has given the temporary concession to PowerPro to develop the first phase of the project. The plant will be located in the Sikasso […]

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Mali: World Bank approves $90 million grant for electrification projects

The World Bank has approved $90 million (52 billion CFA francs) financing to improve energy development in Mali. The grant will help the Malian authorities to invest in a regional electricity access project, which aims to increase access to electricity for 1.1 million people in Mali, Guinea-Bissau and The Gambia. The project involves the construction […]

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Counterterrorism: Qatar sends 24 armored vehicles to Mali

Qatar has sent 24 armored vehicles to Mali, in a move, it said, aimed at stabilizing the African country and supporting a peace agreement between the government and rebels. Military planes delivered the vehicles, the Qatari foreign ministry said, adding the shipment would help “combat terrorism and establish security not only in the Republic of […]

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