Rwanda to launch a 2000-unit social housing project

Mirabella Portland. Ankrom Moisan Architects.
Mirabella Portland. Ankrom Moisan Architects.

Rwanda plans to build at least 2,000 affordable housing units, under a joint venture between Shelter Afrique, a pan-African housing finance institution, and the Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD).

The project, worth $131 million, is developed by Rugarama Park Estate and Remote Group. It will have public parks, community buildings, shops and a market place.

According to the developers, the construction costs are minimized as much as possible in order to keep selling prices down and ensure that the homes provide the first step in the housing ladder to Rwandans who will reside in the modern and ecofriendly estate.

The units will be affordable for an average Rwandan’s income, the developers said in a statement.

In order to achieve this, Remote Group has developed an efficient construction method referred to as Aerated Autoclaved Concrete masonry, which will be produced locally by the Group.

The high-density estate has been designed to be comfortable, convenient and dignified, the statement adds.

The project plans to build about 2,800 affordable houses on a-42-hectares piece of land located in Nyamirambo Sector.

The entire housing project is estimated to cost $131 million and accommodate 14,000 people as well as create hundreds of temporary and permanent jobs.

Earlier this month, Rwanda has announced a plan to build Africa’s first green city, located on the outskirts of Kigali to provide fully sustainable infrastructure, green spaces and housing for low-income people.

The ambitious project worth $5 billion is seen as the materialization of the “Wakanda”, in reference to Black Panther. The construction work will start in January 2020.

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